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LiteGuard: Light Bulb Safety Cage

– for effective light bulb protection!

  • Protects Against Hazards of Broken Light Bulbs
  • Ideal for Protecting High-Value, Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (cfl’s)
  • Protects against Cut Hazards and Environment Hazards Due to Mercury Exposure
Ideal For Compact=

Ideal For Compact Fluorescent Bulbs!


LiteGuard is a protective cage designed for keyless light fixtures commonly found in garages and utility rooms in both residential and commercial settings.

Increases Safety!

Open light bulb fixtures create a safety hazard as the exposed light bulb is susceptible to breakage from bouncing balls, ladders, broom handles and other hazards. LiteGuard protects against the cut hazards of broken light bulbs and the environmental hazards of exposed mercury (on cfl light bulbs).


LiteGuard is made from a high impact, molded plastic that is able to withstand the impact from common strike hazards. LiteGuard is also able to withstand temperature changes maintaining its mechanical strength, resulting in long lasting light bulb protection.

Convenient to Install

LiteGuard installs quickly and easily without the necessity of re-wiring the fixture. The light fixture need only be loosened ¼” to allow for LiteGuard to snap behind the fixture and be screwed into the utility box by re-tightening the same screws that attached the fixture to the box. After the LiteGuard cage is snapped together, simply re-tighten the screws and you’re done. See the figure below.

LiteGuard Installation Instructions

LiteGuard Installation Instructions

Convenient to Change Light Bulbs

LiteGuard is designed to allow you to change a light bulb without any adjustment to the protective cage or light fixture. The open design of the product provides protection from common hazards while yet being large enough to allow your hand easy access the cage to change bulbs.


  • Suitable for light fixtures in garages, unfinished basements, laundry, and utility rooms.
  • Ideal in areas where children play, where thrown balls or swinging objects pose a risk.
  • Commercial sites where ladders, lumber, or other long objects create a risk.
  • Workplaces where safety is a priority or where bulb breakage and clean up present a high risk or environmental hazards.

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